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2010 | July - October | Volume 6 | Issue 3,4

  Prediction of Length of Postoperative Ventilation in CDH Survivors; Preoperative and Operative Variables
Ahmed Khairi, Sameh Shehata, Magdi Lolah, Ahmed H. Sherif, Sherif El-okda
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  Ultrasonic Guided Insertion of Central Venous Catheter in Infants and Children
Ahmed A. El Daba, Yasser Mohamed Amr, Ahmed Abd Alhafez, Amel Hashish
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  Two-Port Versus Three-Port Laparoscopic Appendectomy In Children
Ahmed Khairi, Magdi Lolah, Ahmed A. Khalaf, Mostafa Tolba
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  Non-Reversed Appendicostomy for Antegrade Continence Enema in the Treatment of Encopresis
Kamal Abdel-Elah, Basem Saied, Adham EL-Saied, Sabry Mahmoud
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  Management of Small Urethrocutaneous Fistula by Tight Ligation with Fulguration of the External Epithelium of the Tract
Yasir S. Jamal, Mazen O. Kurdi, Sabah S. Moshref
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  Role of Latissimus Dorsi Island Flap in Coverage of Mutilating Upper Limb Injuries in Pediatric Age Group
Ahmed Abo-Hashem, Yehia Zakaria
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  Pattern and Outcome of Pediatric Surgical Admissions to a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital
Osarumwense D. Osifo, Isiuwa P. Aduwa
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  Bronchogenic Cysts Located in Neck Region: An Uncommon Entity with a Common Reason for Misdiagnosis
Emil Mammadov, Mehmet Eliçevik, İbrahim Adaletli, Sergülen Dervişoğlu, Sinan Celayir
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  Is Bowel Rest a Prerequisite for Successful Outcome in Nonoperative Management of Extrahepatic Bile Duct Blunt Injury in Children?
Saud Al Jadaan, Omar Oda, Stanley Crankson, Mohammad Al Namshaan, Mohammad Zamakhshary
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