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2008 |  July - October | Volume 4  | Issue 3,4

  Pediatric Intestinal Volvulus: Management Problems and Outcome in a Resource-Poor Region
Osifo O D, Oriaifo I.A
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  Accuracy of Diagnosis of Appendicitis and Its Relation to Perforation in Hospitalized Children in Surgery Department of Imam Khomeini Hospital-Ahwaz
Shahnam Askarpour, Ferdos Forouzesh Pour, Soraya Kkhaje Rezaei
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  Endosonographic Study of Anal Sphincters in Hirschsprung's Disease after Soave and Transanal Procedures
Hisham A. El Saket , Sherif N. Kaddah , Ahmad Fares
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  Management and Outcome of Neonatal Bowel Perforation
Almoutaz. A. Eltayeb, Mostafa Hashem
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  Surgical Treatment of Ranula: Comparison between Marsupialization and Sublingual Sialadenectomy in Pediatric Patients
Ehab A. Shehata , Hussam S. Hassan
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  Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty for Midpenile and More Proximal Hypospadias Repair
Hisham A. El Saket M Ahmad Fares, Sherif N. Kaddah
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  Nasal Dermoid: A Segmental Approach
Mahmoud Fawzy ElBestar, Lubna Fawaz
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  Giant Cystic Lymphangioma of the Small Bowel Mesentery: Case Report
K. Khattala1, S. Boujraf2,3, M. Rami1, A. Elmadi1, A. Afifi1, H Sbai4, M. Harandou4, Y. Bouabdallah1
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   Papers presented at the 7th Biennial Meeting of Pan African Pediatric Surgical Association *(PAPSA)  
August 17-23 2008 Accra, Ghana
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  Announcements of Future Meetings
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