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2008 | January - April | Volume 4  | Issue 1,2

  Laparoscopically Assisted Anorectoplasty: A New Definitive Repair of High Imperforate Anus
Mohamed Magdy Elbarbary, Ahmed Elham Fares, Hesham El Saket
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  Trans Abdominal Soave's Pull-Through for Hirschsprung's Disease: Single Stage versus Multi-Stage
Osifo O.D, Osaigbovo E.O
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  Correction of Penoscrotal Transposition by Modified Glenn-Anderson Technique
Amin M. Saleh, Amr M. Abdelatif, Amira Waly
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  The Anterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty for Treatment of Ano-vestibular Fistula in Newborn and Children
Almoutaz A. Eltayeb
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  Sphincter Pharyngoplasty: the One Procedure That Fits All Patterns of Closure in Velopharyngeal Insufficiencies*
Amir Elbarbary, MD, Hassan Ghandour, MD
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  Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome in Children and Adolescents
Almoutaz A El Tayeb, Naglaa H. Ibrahim, Azza A. ElTayeb, A E.Essa
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  Redo Surgery for Hirschsprung's Disease
Hussam S. Hassan, Amel A Hashish, Hesham Fayad, Ahmed Elian, Ashraf Elatar, Mahmoud Afify, Essam A Elhalaby
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  Trichobezoar with small bowel obstruction in children
K. Khattala, S. Boujraf, M. Rami, A. Elmadi, A. Afifi, H Sbai, M. Harandou, Y. Bouabdallah
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   Abstracts Presented at the 23rd Annual International Meeting of Egyptian Pediatric Surgical Association (EPSA)  
November 1-3, 2007, Sharm Alsheikh, Egypt
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  Announcements of Future Meetings
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